Our Philosophy


Ability Plus Disability Services will strive to be the new leader in the provision of professional and dynamic disability services through:

  • Provision of services which are responsive and accessible services to individuals.
  • Provision of services which will provide community pathways through valued roles, independence and achievement of goals.


To ensure that every individual has access to quality services to maximise their independence. This is achieved with support being responsive to individuals’ needs and which have an emphasis in promoting well being.

Ability Plus Disability Services provides services in which the person with the disability is at the center of the decision making processes and the design of the support plan. Central to the person centered approach is a respect for the rights of a person with a disability and their family to make their own choices.

The key principles which direct Ability Plus Disability Services practices;

  • All individuals to be treated with respect, dignity and privacy.
  • All individuals to be supported to reach their future potentials.
  • Working towards independence through client empowerment.
  • Services are provided in consultation with individuals and their support network to be able to maximise choice and person centered service delivery.
  • All individuals have equal rights to opportunities to maximize their engagement in family, work, play, home and school activities.

The core values which direct Ability Plus Disability Services practices;

ParticipationConsultationTeam Work
InnovationSafetyRelationship Building

The core values which direct Ability Plus Disability Services practices;

  • Choice
  • Respect
  • Partnership
  • Participation
  • Consultation
  • Team work 
  • Innovation
  • Relationship Building
  • Fun